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How is my tier status determined?Updated 4 months ago

Tier determination January 2024: 

Rewards status (i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum) is determined by the total Net Purchases accumulated in one year.

For example, if your net spend was between $200-$1199 in total for the year, you would achieve Gold Status.

Accounts will retain their status for the subsequent year. 

For example, if you reached Gold Status in the middle of the year, you will remain in this tier for one year from the date achieved. If you reach Platinum Status before your Gold Status expires, you will remain Platinum for one year after you achieve this status.

Tier determination 2023:

Tiers will be determined by your current points balance. For example, if you earn 200 points, you will be a Gold Member. If you use 50 points and then have 150 points, you will be a Silver Member.

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