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How Should I Care for Shearling?Updated 7 months ago

As shearling is a natural wool material, it is delicate so it is recommend to use with care. 

Due to the nature of the fabric/material, it can naturally pick up debris and dirt. For debris removal, it is suggested to use a pair of tweezers (carefully, as not to pull out the wool) to avoid tangling the shearling. Shearling wool can also be brushed with a dry rag. Should you need to clean any dirt stains, mix a solution of 1 cup warm water with 1 Tbsp of Woolite or wool cleaner.

Test the solution first on a less visible area of your bag and let it dry fully before proceeding (avoid letting the solution and/or water touch the leather and avoid and moisture soaking through). 

Dampen a clean soft cloth with the solution and blot/spot clean and dirt spots.

Blot the area thoroughly with a second clean, water-dampened cloth and allow your bag to air-dry thoroughly.

For storage, store your bag, in a breathable dust bag, or container (avoid any plastic storage options). Avoid direct light, and high temperatures.


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